Agrawal Namkeen an incessant Success Story

Mohit Agrawal (standing) From L to R: Naveen Agrawal, Sushil Agrawal and Praveen Agrawal

It would not be wrong to say that everyone who loves the tangy-spicy taste of namkeen is well aware of Udaipur based Agrawal Namkeen, the pioneers of standardizing namkeens in Udaipur.

For those who are not aware of Namkeen, it is an Indian snack, generally spicy, fried and made from wheat or pulses flours with varied spices depending on the flavor and the variety which is diverse from place-to-place.

Like many success stories we shared previously, today we open a book of success from Leaders of Namkeen Industry in Udaipur – Agrawal Namkeen. [..]