Man attempts suicide, rescued and sent to Jail

A man from Ravji ka Hata area was arrested for destroying house hold things before he went to his terrace and threatened to commit suicide. The accused is believed to be under stress.

According to police, Mahesh Kumar Vashishta was arrested and sent to judicial custody on 17th April. He destroyed many of his household items, burnt clothes and bedding while he was alone in the house. Later, he went to the terrace and started threatening to jump down. [..]

Cancer patient commits suicide

Pratap Nagar Police pulled out the body of a 55-year-old woman from a well today. The woman was identified a Sakabai, resident of Pratap Nagar area and a case of suicide is registered.

According to Police, the deceased was a cancer patient and undergoing severe mental stress which possibly is the main cause of suicide.

Family of the victim was searching for her since last night after she suddenly disappeared from her house.Today during the search her body was found from a well.

Arvind Singh Mewar receives appreciation for being first voter at his Booth

Arvind Singh Mewar, president and managing trustee of Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation received the appreciation certificate for being the first person to cast his vote in his respective booth. Udaipur observed 5th phase of Parliamentary Election today. [..]

Labour dies after marble slabs fall on him

A labour died after number of heavy marble slabs fell on him. The fatal incident took place on 15th April at a marble shop at Sukher.

The deceased, 28-year-old Babulal Gameti was unloading the marble slab consignment from a truck. During that, suddenly few marble slabs fell on him. Due to the weight of slabs, Babulal got stuck under them and died.

His body was pulled out with the help of other labours and shifted to the mortuary.