2 Injured in a fight between two communities

Two people were reportedly injured in a clash between two communities held last night in Boharwadi and Kaharwadi areas. The incident occurred when few children of the both communities had a fight which consecutively involved elders.

No arrests have been made so far. According to the police, they didn’t receive any written complaint yet, however a group of community members claimed they had lodged a police complaint. [..]

Fragile House Collapses, No Fatalities Reported

In an aftermath of heavy rainfall occurred yesterday, a decade old house at Maldas Street grounded earlier this morning, luckily no fatal loss followed irrespective of the congested locality.

Today, early morning around 2:45am a 200 year old house of Babu Lal Sharma, located at Chaploton ka Chowk in Maldas Street got demolished prevailing weather conditions, major wear & tear and absence of proper maintenance.

According to Babu Lal Sharma, Owner of the house, his family presently resides in their house located at Boharwadi, while the grounded house was closed since long time and owing to its delicate condition. [..]

Anti-Encroachment movement at Boharwadi

A window overlooking the road constructed on a building was demolished today by the anti-encroachment team from the Udaipur Municipal Corporation.

The action was taken against the under constructed house belonging to Hatim Ali, near Moiyyadpura Masjid in Boharwadi. Local residents of the area lodged a complaint with the Municipal Corporation about the additional overhang being constructed at the house which is considered as an encroachment. [..]

Bohra Youth to Protest over Dargah Controversy

Dawoodi Bohra (Youth) Community File Memorandum with the Collector

Members of the Dawoodi Bohra (Youth) community arranged a meeting with the Collector, Hemant Gera today morning, where they assembled to explain the situation of restricted access to one of the oldest shrines (Syedi Luqman Ji Sahib Dargah) at Vazihpura in Bohrawadi.

The members presented a Memorandum to the Collector where it was stated that if necessary action on opening of the doors is not initiated by the administration, the members of the Dawoodi Bohra (Youth) community will be sitting on an indefinite and peaceful protest outside the shrine, starting on 25th June. [..]

6 hours blackout in Bohrawadi and Delhi Gate

Whence we all are not very happy with the heat during the day and the accompanying electricity cuts during peak hours of the day, today the residents of Dholibawri, Bohrawadi and few parts of Delhi Gate faced an unfortunate Black-Out for straight 6 hours from 4.30 PM to 10.30 PM due to some fault in the high tension electricity wire lines.

In the afternoon around 4.30 PM, because of a short-circuit on a pole in the area; the insulation broke down, leading to a power cutoff in Dholibawri, Bohrawadi and Delhi Gate. [..]

Beauty Parlor Wrecked in a Bull Fight

Miscreant by stray animals reared its ugly head again as two bulls broke into a fight on the road this morning at 11:30 and crashed into a saloon, damaging its glass door. Fortunately, no one was reported hurt in the incident.

Veenu Beauty Parlor, situated in Boharwadi, had its glass shield smashed when bulls, in the heat of the fight, lost control and ended up charging into the shop. “It was a horrifying incident but fortunately, no one was hurt. There were 2 kids and a few more customers in the parlor at the time when the accident occurred,” said Veenu, owner of the parlor.

This is yet another incident to the ever-increasing list of problems caused due to the stray animals. Stray animals regularly create problems in the city by either disturbing road traffic or creating risks for passersby. Though authorities are trying to solve the issue, no effective measures have been implemented so far.

State Women Commission prevents Child Marriage

The presence of mind of a would-be-victim of child marriage resulted in a child marriage being prevented today at the Bhoiwada locality by the members of the Women and Child Development committee.

At a public conference initiated by Laad Kumari Jain, President of the State Women Commission on 22nd April, the Commission members heard the woes of the female participants and discussed a lot of matters with them.  It was during this meeting that a 17 year old girl, a student of class XI at the Gyan Mandir School in Hiran Magri, gave a letter to the President Laad Kumari, stating that she was being forced to marry.  The marriage was scheduled today at Bhoiwada.

Accordingly today morning, the members of the Women and Child Development committee, which included Shweta Padgedia, Assistant Director and Rajeev Singh, Officer, along with SDM Udaipur and CI of Dhanmandi Police Station, Rajesh Sharma crashed into the wedding ceremony.

The wedding was immediately stopped and the father of the girl, Murlidhar Bhoi, resident of Bhoiwada along with his family members and others present at the wedding were warned of strict action if the incident was repeated or any other such event took place.