Food Vendors reach Municipal Council anticipating eviction from Sukhadia Circle

Apprehending that the Municipal Council could take steps to remove all the thelawalas (street food vendors) from the Sukhadia Circle, Thela Vyavsaya Ekta Union Udaipur submitted a memorandum to Rajni Dangi, MCU Chairperson.

The fear of eviction from their places generated among the vendors after a foundation ceremony by MCU three days ago for building a food court in the small garden near already operating food stalls, also known as Bambaiya Bazaar. All these thela vendors operate in front of the park proposed for Food Court. [..]

How 22 Food Stalls of Sukhadia Circle Serve 30000 People Every Week?

“Idea is a blend conceptualized from mind and circumstances”, to exemplify the quote, 22 food stalls at Udaipur’s famous outing spot Sukhadia Circle are serving nearly 30000 customers every week – without hassle and with perfect coordination.

Unlike the food courts in many malls where customer first purchase food tokens, drop it at various food counters and then collect their food individually, at Bambiya Bazaar of Sukhadia Circle, the same procedure is followed by food vendors and not by customers.

“You just sit and relax at any place you want, order anything or many things and you will be served on your table. Moreover, you have to pay to only one vendor for all your pav-bhaji, pizza, chaat and chole-bhature which were prepared and served separately by different vendors”, says Pushkar Sahu who owns a pav bhaji counter there. [..]

Driver seriously injured as Car Rolls-over at Sukhadia Circle

The driver of an Innova car was admitted to MB Hospital after receiving head injuries in a road mishap that took place on Tuesday night, 25th December, at Sukhadia Circle.

Tasleem Sheikh, resident of Delwara, was coming from Fatehpura when his car went out of control at Sukhadia Circle and rolled over, injuring Tasleem seriously. He was rushed to MB Hospital in an unconscious state and his condition is said to be critical. [..]

Wanted Criminal caught from Udaipur

An on-the-run fugitive of ‘Kailash Murder Case, Badmer’ was caught today evening from the Celebration Mall, Udaipur by the Special Police Force od Udaipur and Badmer Police.

Harinder Singh, one of the wanted criminal in ‘Kailash Murder Case, Badmer’ was reported to be seen on Sukhadia Circle this afternoon. The Special Police Force, Udaipur acted and followed him while he entered  into Celebration Mall.

After a while, Badmer Police and Special Police Force, Udaipur caught the criminal from the mall and took him into custody. He was then sent to Badmer with Badmer Police.

Harinder Singh even had Rs. 4000 bounty on him in the case.

Reported By; Sohail Khan

2 Injured as Loading Tempo Capsized at Sukhadia Circle

Two people have been injured when a loading tempo swirled and turned over due to the oil scattered on the road at Sukhadia Circle today morning at 9:30.

The driver of the tempo Sher Mohammad and his helper Pankaj Gameti were admitted to MB Hospital with multiple injuries and fractures. Their condition though is stated to be out of danger.

According to the Ambamata Police, the loading tempo was coming from Fatehpura towards Sukhadia Circle and lost control just before the roundabout when it was moving over the spilt oil; the vehicle slipped and completely capsized on the road, injuring the driver and his helper. The goods being carried in the tempo also scattered on the road. [..]

Miraj to Re-Develop Sukhadia Circle

With better prospects for Sukhadia Circle expected round the corner (sic) a Memorandum of Association is under consideration between the Udaipur Municipal Council and the Miraj Group.

Re-development of the site being the prime focus, both the parties will sign the MoU later this month.

According to sources, the Sukhadia Circle park renovation, maintenance and beautification has been under discussion for a long time. The same discussed in a Board Meeting held a few months back, was concluded to be given to a private undertaking, and Miraj was considered. [..]

Sankalp introduces Saffron in Udaipur

A promising menu with some very interesting features including a veg-barbeque and special unlimited meal bargains are on offer at the newest vegetarian food joints that opened today at Udaipur.

The Sankalp Group, a well-known food has opened their 101st branch, North Indian Food- Saffron Restaurant at Udaipur today.

Located near Sukhadia Circle, opposite the Gold Coast Apartment, Saffron was inaugurated by Shantilal Mehta, one of the senior members of the Sankalp family.

The restaurant has its other branches in many parts of India apart from international presence in the USA, Canada and also in the United Kingdom. Saffron is the 11th in the realm, whereas other venture includes Sankalp – South Indian Cuisine and Uncle Sam Pizza. [..]

Crowd gathers to spot pair of snakes

A pair of snakes became a topic of gossip for tens of passersby & local residents gathered at UIT Bridge today afternoon. The issue started when people spotted two snakes at the parched canal close to Vedanta Health Centre.

Very few people, including UT, were privileged to see the rare scene. However, there was a large enthusiastic crowd that gathered and waited long after the disappearance of the snakes with a hope of getting a glimpse. [..]

Tehkhana brings Mocktail to public

Tehkhana Restro-Bar has introduced another treat for Udaipurites in the form of Live Mocktails.

Although Mocktails are still a new concept for Udaipurites, it’s usually served in various bars; but this is the first time where they would be able to enjoy appetizing flavors of Mocktails with family.

Tehkhana Restro-Bar would be serving Live Mocktails on the special counter named ‘Ice Breakers’. One can relish these mocktails under a budget range of just Rs. 30-50.

“Mocktails are prepared with blend of juices, cold-drinks and crushes. Varying from Virgin Mojito, Blue Angel, Pink Passion to Party Salt and Virgin Passion; Tehkana promises to rejunvate your parties and visits”, says Vicky Rao, owner, Tehkhana Restro-Bar.