Rajput Mahasabha organizes meet-up for Singles

Akhil Bhartiya Rajput Mahasabha organized a meet-up for single men and women who are eligible for marriage. The meet up was held at the temple of Bijasan Mata, Goverdhan Vilas.

30 girls and boys with their parents and guardians took part in the program and introduced themselves. According to Prabhusingh Chouhan, president of Mahasabha, a mass marriage is also scheduled on 4th February 2014. [..]

Rajput Community Agitated over Newly Married Girls Suicide

The representatives of Rajput Community protested today morning outside the Mortuary at MB Hospital, after a newly married woman died during treatment, after she set herself on fire on 2nd August 2013.

Darshana Rathore, a 29 year old woman who married Mahendra  Singh on 20thMay, 2013 b set herself ablaze in the morning hours on 2nd August allegedly due to continuous harassment on Dowry by her husband and in-laws.

Darshana informed Police before breathing her last at the Hospital that her husband and in-laws, specially her parents-in-law used to harass her for Dowry and often used to threaten her for life.  She informed her father Shamboo Singh about the scene but before he could meet his daughter, she set herself on fire to commit suicide, as per Shamboo Singh. [..]

Rajput Community protests against Maharana Pratap series on Sony

More than 50 people of Rajput Community met with District Collector Vikas Bhale and handed over a memorandum against the ongoing TV series of Sony Television based on Maharana Pratap. The community alleged that historical facts are modified according to the whims and fancies of producers and do not present factual history.

The memorandum presented under the banner of Akhil Bhartiya Rajput Mahasabha mentioned that the story and personality of Maharan Pratap is modified in the series which does not present true picture of the real life hero of Mewar. The memorandum further reads that even the dressing style, way of greeting and language has been distorted in the series that pictures a wrong image before coming generations. [..]

Rajput Community Objects to TV serial on Maharana Pratap

Claiming it to be wrong, misleading and unreal, the Kshatriya Community of Udaipur has expressed anger over the TV serial being aired on Sony TV, “Bharat ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap” based on Maharana Pratap. The community is preparing to take legal action against it.

Tanveer Singh Krishnavat, patron of Sakal Rajput Mahasabha said that the serial on Sony is insulting the character of Maharana Pratap; incidents of Pratap’s life are presented erroneously.

Krishnavat said that Maharana Pratap was the first freedom fighter of India; he was accompanied with many Muslim fighters and supporters from Mewar. “He fought for freedom against the Mughals; Maharana Pratap was not anti-Muslim”, said Krishnavat.

The TV serial is showing Maharana Pratap as opposing the Muslims, which is wrong and defaming the persona of Maharana Pratap. [..]

Rajput Mahasabha to support Kshatriya candidate in Elections

Rajput Mahasabha has decided that they will support a candidate of their community in the upcoming assembly election.

Today, in the meeting led by Tanveer Singh Krishnawat, Mahasabha has also decided to demand for reservation of Rajput Community on the basis of their financial condition. [..]

College Student Stabbed to Death, 2 Arrested

  • Mass Protest by Students and Rajput Samaj
  • Accused are still at large
  • Protestors demand Rs.10 Lac compensation

19-year-old Jaipal Singh Mertiya (photo inset), a 1st year student of B.Sc. (BN College) was stabbed to death by more than 10 suspected students from Commerce College. The ill-fated and shocking incident occurred early of this afternoon at MB College’s ground where Mertiya was found lying in the pool of blood.

Serial injured Jaipal was rushed to Choudhary Hospital, where he was declared dead. The tragic incident spread like a jungle fire among students’ fraternities and hundreds of people gathered outside mortuary of MB Hospital and protesting the postmortem of the victim.

Protestors demanded immediate arrest of the five main accused whose names were not disclosed till the news is published, however police detained one person and another suspect was also taken into custody. [..]

Rajendra Singh Shaktawat elected new President of Mewar Kshatriya Mahasabha

In the election for the post of President of Mewar Kshatriya Mahasabha Sansthan, Udaipur (MKMSU) Rajendra Singh Shaktawat won over Kuldeep Singh Chundawat by a margin of 146 votes.

The election took place at Meera Medpaat Hostel, Bhuwana between 10AM and 4PM; and the counting started at 4:30PM.

election272 percent of 1245 people, who are the lifetime members of the MKMSU, exercised their power to vote.

Rajendra Singh Shaktawat, under the guidance of the elderly members of the organization, will declare the names for the other posts in the cabinet which will serve for the next term of 3 years.