5 Boys arrested for eve teasing

Hathipol police arrested 5 youth from compound of a girl’s hostel under the charges of eve teasing.

The accused are identified as Kamlesh Dangi and Nirmal Meghwal of Lakadwas, Jayesh Audichya of Dabok, Mustafa Raza of Goverdhan Vilas and Jitendra Rathore.

Rickshaw driver arrested for beating motorcyclists

Two auto rickshaw drivers have been arrested for allegedly manhandling and threatening two youth after a heated altercation.

The victims, Kartavya Kumawat and Pradeep Salvi lodged report against two auto rickshaw drivers for beating and threatening them. The rickshaw drivers were standing at Chetak Circle and had fight with both victims while they were going on their bike.

Hathipol Police has arrested drivers Raju Meena and Pankaj Khatik.

Shopkeeper catches thief red handed

A thief was caught while he was attempting to steal cash from a garment shop at Ashwini Bazar. The shopkeeper handed over the thief to police.

Vijit Dangi, owner of Leena Garments informed that, when he went out of his shop for few minutes, the suspect entered and tried opening the cash locker. Fortunately, Vijit arrived on time and caught the thief red handed.

FIR is lodged against the accused for committing theft.

Vallabhnagar Resident Looted in Udaipur

Amjad Ali, resident of Itali, Vallabhnagar, was looted by an auto rickshaw driver, as per the report lodged at the Hathipol Police Station.

As per Amjad, he had come to Udaipur with the intention of depositing his installments in Kotak Mahindra Bank, Madhuban.  Amjad arrived at the bus stand and took an auto to Madhuban.  The auto had another person sitting next to the driver. [..]