Udaipur Police reach Bihar in search of Conmen

Udaipur police reached Bihar’s Hajari Bagh in search of the suspects who allegedly conned the Deputy Director of Agriculture Department and made him deposit Rs.2 Lac in the name of a senior IAS officer.

Investigating Officer Nirbhay Singh and his team went to Bihar after receiving clues about the account holder in whose bank account the amount was deposited by the victim Ramesh Jaroli. Police reached the house of Santosh Vishwakarma. However Santosh was not found but his relatives helped police in arranging telephonic conversation with him. [..]

Resident-Patient Clash: Police assure to take action against accused resident

Dissatisfied by the police action regarding a woman’s death in MB Hospital on 2 June, family members of the deceased patient met Additional Superintendent of Police and demanded strict legal action against accused resident doctors for alleged negligence that caused patient’s death. [..]