Policemen manning ‘HAWK’ caught drinking

A complaint has been received in the office of Senior Police Official of the city concerning alleged in-disciplinary behavior by policemen. It has been alleged in the complaint that cops, manning Hawk number 7 of Ghanta Ghar circle, were spotted consuming alcohol.

According to the information released by local news channels, the cops, in uniform, were caught on camera consuming alcohol, while on duty. The scene of cops consuming liquor was captured in the Roon area near Dudh Talai. [..]

Man attempts suicide, rescued and sent to Jail

A man from Ravji ka Hata area was arrested for destroying house hold things before he went to his terrace and threatened to commit suicide. The accused is believed to be under stress.

According to police, Mahesh Kumar Vashishta was arrested and sent to judicial custody on 17th April. He destroyed many of his household items, burnt clothes and bedding while he was alone in the house. Later, he went to the terrace and started threatening to jump down. [..]

Lake Palace Dancer Stabbed to Death

A 21-year-old girl was stabbed to death by a man after she refused his proposal. The shocking incident took place today at 4:25pm at DudhTalai. The accused has been caught by locals of the area and handed over to police. [..]