Malhar-2014 Celebration Starts

Malhar-2014 jointly organized by West Zone Culture Center (WZCC) and Sangeet Natya Academy, New Delhi started today at Gangaur Ghat. On first day of the 2-day event, Classical Singing and Kathak Dance were performed. [..]

Mentally Stressed Woman tries to commit Suicide

A 27-year-old woman tried to commit suicide and jumped in the Pichola Lake near Ghangaur Ghat today afternoon. Local people of the area saw her jumping into the lake and acting immediately, the people around rescued her and called the police. She was eventually shifted to the hospital.

The victim woman is a widow and is staying with her parents at Raoji ka Hatta area of the Old City. She is allegedly mentally upset since last 5 years, when she lost her husband in a mishap, said police. [..]

Three day Mega Event of Mewar Festival to start from 2nd April

The most awaiting cultural fest of Udaipur “Mewar Festival” will have something new this year to entertain the local and foreign audience. Under collector’s direction, the Tourism Department has started the preparation of three day mega events starting from 2nd April. [..]

Udaipur becomes Kashi as shooting of “Bhaiyya ji Superhit” starts

Gangaur Ghat turned into Kashi as shooting of the Sunny Deol starrer “Bhaiyya ji Superhit” started today  in Udaipur. The shooting is expected to go on for 40 days.

The scene of Kashi was recreated today at Gangaur Ghat with tea-stalls, Paan-shops and flower vendors spread across. Actors Mukul Dev and Hemant Pandey were the star attraction in the shooting today. [..]

Witness the Festival of Mewar from Tomorrow 13th April [Full Schedule]

One of the most awaited vibrant festivals for tourists and locals in Udaipur, Mewar Festival, organized by Rajasthan Tourism and Udaipur District Administration, will commence from 13th April this year.

The three-day festival celebrated to welcome the spring season coincides with the festival of Gangaur. The festival showcases traditional Rajasthani folk dances and songs performed by artists in colorful attire. [..]

Ranbeer Kapoor apologies for smoking in public

K.K. Purohit, legal advisor of Ranbir Kapoor filed a Legal Document in Udaipur Court today, according to which he would be representing Ranbir Kapoor and appearing on his behalf at the court hearing session for the case where Kapoor was accused of Smoking at a Public place in Udaipur.

Purohit (on behalf of Ranbir Kapoor) wrote in the document that, “I accept the accusation of smoking in a public place and solely state it as an unknowing act.  Though as per law, I see myself guilty and promise not to repeat the same again”.

The ‘Vakalatnama’ that K.K. Purohit presented in court is a document in which Ranbir Kapoor chose K.K. Purhoit to plead on his behalf.

The next hearing of the court is scheduled on 27th Aug, 2012.

Reported By: Sohail Khan

Ranbir Kapoor Misses Court Hearing

Ranbir Kapoor, the “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” star was supposed to be present at the Udaipur Sessions Court today as the court had released an Istagasa against him on 31st May for smoking at Gangaur Ghat, a public place on 28th May. The star did not show up for the hearing that was scheduled today.

The hearing has now been postponed to 26th July. [..]

Change 80 Year Old Sewage Lines, Lake Conservators Demand Admin

The Monsoon season just around the corner, the administration has been asked to initiate precautionary measures by the Lake Conservation Committee.

The Lake Conservation Committee, Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust, Chandpol Residents Committee, Jwala Janjaagriti Sansthan and Jheel Hitaishi Naagrik Manch officials stepped out for inspection of potential problem prone areas, viz. Chandpol, Ghadia Dewra, Nayi Puliya and Rangsagar.

The inspection group found problems with the sewerage line alongside Pichola Lake, Construction-waste on Nayi Puliya and old sewerage line laid in the Ghadiya Dewra area. [..]

Harassed Residents Demand Police Chowki

The residents of the Helo Ki Guwadi area near Gangaur Ghat have approached the administration to seek help as they have become victims of increasing street brawls and other unlawful activities in their locality.

They have demanded that a Police Post (Chowki) be established in their area to control such activities.

In a letter addressed to the ADM City, Yasin Pathan, they have also mentioned about the Memorandum that the residents of the area had filed in order to initiate an investigation against certain anti-social youth roaming the streets and creating a nuisance. [..]