Shopkeeper arrested for selling fake products

An auto parts dealer was arrested for selling fake products in the name of a renowned company. The shop is seized by police.

The shop is located at Ashwini Bazar. The shopkeeper was dealing in automobile parts with fake trademark of a famous company.

When the sales agent of the company came to know about the fake product, he informed Dhanmandi Police. The owner of the shop is arrested and the goods will be counted today.

2 Arrested for eve teasing

Dhan Mandi police has arrested two boys for eve teasing a girl and beating her fiancé. The accused Juned and Shahrukh were arrested from Dholi Bawdi.

According to the information provided by police, on 13th Oct, the victim Nasir Photowala was going on a bike with his fiancée. Suddenly both accused Juned and Shahrukh came from behind and passed offensive remarks on the girl. When Nasir tried to object, both thrashed him and fled away. [..]

3 Arrested for several robberies and loot

Three suspected bag snatchers were arrested by police from Panerio ki Madri area. The arrest was made after the information from the sources.

Jagdish Odh, Ashok Odh and Dinesh Odh, residents of Mulla talai were staying at a rented room at Panerio ki Madri area.

Dhan Mandi police got the information that the three of them were involved in the incidences of theft. On this information C.I Rajendra Jain raided the room and detained them on suspicion. [..]

Rs.20000 stolen from a Shop in Dhanmandi

A 15-year-old boy who was taking care of his father’s shop in Dhanmandi was bluffed and robbed by two men who first pretended to be customers and then stole Rs.20000 from the cash box. A report was lodged on Sunday evening at Dhan Mandi Police Station.

The incident occurred in the shop of Kailash Dashora at Dhanmandi. Kailash went for some work and asked his 15 year old son Nikhil to take care of the shop in his absence.

As soon as Kailash left his shop, two people on a motorcycle came to his shop and asked Nikhil for some disposable glasses. When Nikhil went inside the shop, both suspects allegedly took Rs.20000 cash from the shop counter and fled away.

Nikhil informed his father who lodged a complaint at Dhanmandi Police Station.

Nehru Bazaar Firing Accused Arrested from Hathipol

The Dhan Mandi Police have arrested Narendra Puri, alias Bhuria from his house in Hathipol. Narendra was among the three persons against whom the Police had registered a complaint of firing in Nehru Bazar a few days ago. He has been sent to Judicial custody under the orders of the Court.