Dr. Sayyedna Burhanuddin A.Q Laid to Rest

The Bohra Community of Udaipur organized a condolence meet for Dr. Sayyedna Mohammad Burhauniddin (A.Q) at masjids located at Bohrawadi, and Fatehpura. The 52nd Dai-ul-Mutlaq, spiritual Saint of the Dawoodi Bohra Community passed away in Mumbai on 17th January 2014 due to heart attack. [..]

Dr. Sayyedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (A.Q.) passes away

  • Businesses to remain closed for 3 days in Udaipur.
  • 10 Days Mourning period to be observed in City.
  • Thousands gather in Masjid to participate in the reading of the Holy Quran

The 52nd Dai-ul-Mutlaq (Missionary with Absolute Authority) of World mainstream Dawoodi Bohra Community Sayyedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (A.Q.) passed away in Mumbai on 17th January 2014 due to heart attack at the age of 103 years (as per Hijri or Muslim Calendar) and 98 years as per Gregorian calendar. [..]

Bohras mark the day of Ashura

The Dawoodi Bohra community (Youth) commemorated the martyrdom of Imam Hussain today on the day of Ashura (10th Muharram) by fasting and took part in the condolence procession carried out in Boharwadi. [..]

Muharram and Tragedy of Karbala

Muharram in fact is the first month of Muslim Calendar consisting of twelve months as other calendars. Being based on lunar cycles it differs from other lunar cycle based systems in that it is without any calculation corrections to bring it in synchronizations of seasons with the months like the ‘Adhik Mas’ of Hindu calendar. The literal meaning of the word Muharram is “That which is forbidden.” or anything sacred. [..]