Rs. 20,000 stolen from Shop at Bohra Ganeshji

In another case of shoplifting, thieves stole cash and a mobile phone from a milk parlor at Bohra Ganeshji area of the city.

Rs. 20,000 cash and a mobile phone which were kept inside the cash counter were stolen from the shop owned by Sandeep Borana. At the time of incidence, Borana was not at shop and his employee Gopal Paliwal was sleeping in the shop.

Paliwal woke up when someone came to the shop. As soon as he opened the cash box, he discovered the cash drawer was unlocked and the cash and mobile phone was gone missing. [..]

Thieves Ransack House of MLA’s Daughter

A burglary, perhaps worth Lacs of rupees has been reported today evening at a house located at Bohra Ganesh Area. The incident took place at, Sadri MLA, Prakash Choudhary’s daughter Sapna Choudhary’s house, while the family was out of the city to attend a family event. [..]

Bohra Ganesh Ji Choraha lit up with High Mast Light

Vehicles passing through Bohra Ganesh Ji Choraha, one of the busiest traffic areas, will see a lot of respite after it was equipped with a high mast light. Today, in the inaugural ceremony, the Chairperson of MCU, Rajni Dangi switched on the High Mast button at 6:30 pm to mark the occasion. As soon as the lights were lit, the beauty of the square was highlighted.

Ward Councilor, Madhu Paliwal, members of “Bohra Ganesh ji Vyapr Sangh”, viz. Himmat Lal Nagda, Kapil Chittora, Pankaj Joshi, Abhijeet Sharma, Umesh Nagda, Kamlesh Tailor, and members of the “Sangh” along with Congress Councilor, Advocate Manish Shrimali and local residents of the area were present.

Local resident and members of the “Vayapar Sangh” gave their thanks to Vijay Ahuja President “Nagar Parishad Vidut Samiti” and Gulab Chand Katariya MLA Udaipur(city).

Drunk driver hits a parked car and cause chaos

To add to the list of fight-sequences going on in the city a case was filed at the Pratap Nagar Police Station where Durga Singh s/o Dalpat Singh, resident of Bohra Ganesh Ji accused Deepak Sharma, resident of Sunderwas of hitting his car and then of a scuffle with him along with his friends.

As reported by Durga Singh, he was getting his car (Maruti 800) repaired by a mechanic outside his house, when Deepak Sharma, who was passing by in his own car numbered MH-01-80448 lost control and hit Durga’s Maruti 800.

Deepak Sharma was along with his two other friends and all were allegedly drunk. Durga then argued with Deepak over the same issue when Deepak bluffed to pay for the damage, but meanwhile made a call to his other friends. Subsequently 6 of his friends on 4 bikes (one identified as RJ-27-9221) came and started beating Durga with logs and an iron rod.

Shambhu Singh, elder brother of Durga Singh came to his rescue, but they scuffled with him too. With the heat gathering, neighbours began to gather and Deepak and his friends fled from the scene.

A case has been registered at the Pratap Nagar Police Station late evening today and the investigation is on.

Sewerage Channels at Ashok Nagar Blocked

Picture only for illustrative purpose

Udaipur Municipal Council (UMC) has identified problems in the sewerage cleaning process between Ashok Nagar and Maya Mishthan due to a complete technical failure. The cleaners have found a huge amount of sewage blocked in the underground channels, which is preventing normal sewerage cleaning procedure.

As the Monsoon is approaching it has become the biggest obstacle for the council to clean the sewage.

The underground sewerage has a number of technical issues which is making the problem more intense, as no sewerage chamber was installed while constructing the drainage system four years back by the UIT, informs the Council. [..]

Body found from Well near CTAE

In what can be termed as a shocking beginning to this week, a number of students and college officials of CTAE were dumbfounded when they discovered a dead body in a well near the campus.

The body, identified as that of Takhat Singh (41), son of Prem Singh, resident of Bohra Ganesh ji area was found from a well in the MLSU campus, near CTAE today morning.

The family members of Takhat Singh had lodged an FIR yesterday late night at the Pratap Nagar Police Station, when he had not returned home till 10 pm, after leaving his residence for his morning walk at 5:30 am. [..]

Bohra Ganesh Residents Protest over Growing Crime

Residents from Bohra Ganesh ji area and nearby localities met the District Collector, Hemant Gera and appealed him to take stern actions against the mounting criminal activities in the city. The group of people also included students who were mainly the victims of bike theft cases.

Bohra Ganesh ji area is also known as students area as a number of students who come to Udaipur for study stay in rented or paying guest accommodation in this area due to its vicinity to the university campus. [..]

Parishad’s Laziness Upsets Bohra Ganesh Residents

Creating havoc for the residents and passers-by, a major part of the road near Bohra Ganesh area has been blocked since past 7 days due to reparation of drainage system being carried out by Udaipur Municipal Corporation (nagar parishad).

Except warning boards, little or almost no progress has been noticed since a week and the condition of the area is so worst that it is almost impossible to pass through that road. Moreover, many accidents have occurred due to open holes on the pathway.

Rajesh Sahu and Dinesh Sahu who own a shop in the area said, “The road was digged 7 days back and the actual work was done only on the initial 2 days. And since then we have not seen anyone from either Municipality or the contract workers.” [..]

Rajshree Colony, a pool of misery

Rajshree Colony near Bohra Ganesh area is one of the most affected areas of Udaipur which has witnessed heavy water logging on the road and houses after the heavy downpour in Udaipur last night. The area is still submerged with water and there is no way out to solve the problem of the unfortunate residents who feel sandwich between the administration and the owner of Vinayak Vatika. [..]

Ganpati Bappa Morya..!!

The chanting sound of “Ganpati Bappa Morya!!” is now echoing in every lane of Indian cities and will continue for next 10 days. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in India with full joy and anticipation. This auspicious day is the birthday of Lord Ganesha, lord of divinity, wisdom and prosperity. Beautifully created Ganesha’s idols are being placed in homes of Hindus for 10 days. Huge idols are placed in temporary pandaals.

For ten days, Ganesha is worshipped. On the 11th day the statues are taken from the street in a convoy accompanied with dance and music to be immersed in rivers or lakes symbolizing see off to Lord Ganesha in the journey towards domicile taking away with him all misfortune of mankind. All people participate in this procession chanting “Ganpati bappa morya, purcha varshi laukeriya” (O lord Ganesha, come soon next year). Offering of coconuts, flowers and camphor is made to conclude and finally people carry the idol to river or lake and immerse it.


Though this festival started from Maharashtra, the land of Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj, but it is also equally celebrated in major parts of India and why not, after all Lord Ganesha is a everyone’s Lord.

Udaipur, the City of Lakes, will also witness the grand celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, the most famous 550 years old Bohra Ganesh Temple at Udaipur is packed with devotees. The temple is open from today midnight till 4 am tomorrow morning. Expectedly there will be 2-2.5 lakh disciples visiting the temple today.