Thieves target an empty house at Bedla

An incident of theft was reported at the Ambamata Police station, wherein thieves decamped with silver ornament, cloths & a LCD TV from a house at Bedla area. The owner of the house is out of town with his family members.

Victim Prakash Bohra was out of town with his family since 17th June. During his leave, thieves targeted his house and stole the valuables. The incidence came to light when neighbors heard some sounds coming from the victim’s house. While the thieves were still committing their act, the neighbors came out shouting. Upon listening to the commotion, the thieves fled from the scene with whatever items they had already collected. [..]

4 Feet Cobra found in a Garden

Binocellate Cobra – One of the most venomous cobras was found in a backyard garden of a office at Bedla today. The snake, which was around 4 ft long, was rescued and later set free in forest.

According to Padam Singh Rathore, snake catcher and rescuer, the Binocellate Cobra was found in the garden of a NGO office.

“Unlike other cobras, these Binocellates are white in color and smaller in size. They are also far more poisonous than other cobras” said Rathore.

Bedla Residents Protest against illegal Mining

Residents of Bedla village came on road and expressed their concern over the illegal soil mining going on near Bedla Bridge. Ward Sarpanch, Tehsildaar and other public representatives gathered at the bridge and informed police about the illegal practice.

According to Vinod Walwa, Up-Sarpanch of the area, the illegal soil mining has been carried out for past one month. The contractor was warned several times but he ignored the issue and continued mining of the soil.

Today when a large number of people gathered at the spot, the contractor agreed to stop the mining.

Nightmare for Bedla Residents continue

Around 15 days back, Udaipur was in dilemma regarding rain and was worried of their shrinking lakes, suddenly monsoon fulfilled the entire water needs in the past two weeks.

At the same time, when water is a matter of happiness for some, it has turned monstrous for the residents of Bedla as the neighborhood is completely detached from rest of the city due to bridge that has been collapsed recently.

From the past five days, when Udaipurites were enjoying nature’s blessings, people of Bedla village were looking for the shortest and convenient way to reach urban city, as UIT has wrecked the connecting bridge, to flush off the accumulating water by the sides of the bridge.

On Sunday 9th September, rumours spread that, the link bridge has collapsed, due to flooding of the channel carrying water of Bada Madar to Ayad River. However, later in a confirmation issued by related authorities, it was known that, the bridge was cracked intentionally. [..]

Theft at Bedla, Cash and Ornaments looted

The Sukher Police Station registered a case of theft today morning where cash, gold and silver ornaments were stolen from the victims house last night on 10th Sept.

According to Police, the thieves are assumed to have entered through the main gate of the ground floor, which was left open in the night.  They sneaked through the family members sleeping in the room and stole Cash, Golden Kangans and Silver Anklets from a cupboard in the room adjacent to where the family members were sleeping.

Narendra Kumawat s/o Bal Mukund Kumawat lodged the complaint in the morning. As he mentioned in the report – He was sleeping on the first floor while his parents were sleeping on the ground floor of their house situated in Bedla Chowk, Bedla.  The main gate was left open accidently through which the thieves sneaked-in.

Police lodged the report in the morning and have started looking for the suspects.

Bedla residents left stranded as UIT Demolishes sole Bridge to give way to Madar flow

The Udaipur Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) ordered to break down a bridge at Bedla due to heavy water accumulation, which might cause fatalities.

A new bridge is already under construction just parallel to the old bridge.  The water from Bada Madar is flowing under these bridges but due to bridge construction work being stopped, a large quantity of water has been accumulated around the old bridge.

Today UIT ordered to sever the old bridge so the water flow can be made easier however, according to first information, it was said that bridge was accidently broken but later UIT officials confirmed the demolishing was intentionally ordered. [..]