Road Safety Week: 10 Very Inspirational Posters

The current week (16/01 till 22/01) is being observed as the Road Safety Week all across Udaipur. Taking the Road Safety Week as an opportunity to spread the awareness of the road safety measures and repercussions of carelessness while driving, there is an exhibition of posters put up at Suchna Kendra, Udaipur.

Here are some of the exclusive posters from the exhibition for our readers. These posters are made by Mahesh Sharma, one of the very active social worker, environmentalist and photographer of Udaipur.

Many renowned newspapers, magazine and Rajasthan State Tourism Department portray his picture on regular basis.



  1. vijay says

    UT this is an eye opener for all the vehicle drivers in Udaipur or anywhere else. Really appreciate the picture journalism. Hope the youngster will realise that a helmet can save and rash driving is inviting trouble for the family!
    Drive Safe.

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  2. Roy Joseph Mampilly says

    Golden rules indeed:
    No Mobiles, Wear seat belts, Do not drink & drive, Avoid speeding & rash driving, When tired, Just stop & rest.. refresh & proceed. Learn basic First aid, CPR to help co passengers & others who may need timely help,

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