Randhir Singh expresses anger over Kataria

Randhir Singh Bhindar, an independent contestant from Vallabhnagar Constituency organized a press conference today at Lakecity Press Conference. Bhindar who is also a former BJP member shared his consideration of standing independent contestant.

While addressing the media, Bhindar put allegations on Gulabchand Kataria, BJP leader and contestant of state assembly election, for creating conspiracy against him.

Bhindar said, “Throughout my 20 years of political work with Kataria ji, I observed him very closely, not only me but those BJP workers who have been with him from 30-40 years could not understand his perspective.”

Randhir Singh Bhindar raised 11 questions on Kataria and demanded answers from him.

Bhindar talked about his political start. He said, “I was asked to join politics by former chief minister Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, that time also Kataria was not in my favor.”

He openly alleged Kataria’s involvements in various cases and said that Kataria has completely dominated the party. Selecting any party worker has always been always Kataria’s decision. Bhindar added, “Kataria always thinks about himself and never lets anyone from the party to come forward.”

Media personnel when asked that why he want to win or why someone should choose Randhir Singh Bhindar. He said, “I am anti-congress and was a supporter of BJP but I want to show them (BJP) that even opting as independent candidate I can win and will continue the work of developments in my constituency.”

“Since I filled the nomination as Independent Candidate many youth and former congress members came forward to support me.” However Bhindar refused to speak on any election prediction.


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