Two Bikers One World: British couple on Motorcycles reaches Udaipur

36,000 kilometers, 2 BMW motorbikes, endless roads, booming wheels and just one word – WOW! Anders and Petra Stridfeldt, both nearing 50 years of age dared to take on the world on their motorbikes. The journey which started in February 2013 from United Kingdom is still in progress. [..]

Meet Mr. Poha Wala: a Scholar, a Businessman, a Winner!

Through hardships faced as a child to sleepless nights spent at work as an adult, he has endured it all. Unshakable ethics in business and deep rooted personal values define Narayan Lal Prajapat, a 27 year old businessman, B.A. and double M.A. in History and Sociology, father of three and owner of a poha stall near Udiapol bus stand.

And to top it all, a handsome 5 figures monthly net profit by selling Poha after midnight till early morning at Udiapol.

Wearing a very genuine warm smile on his face, he serves ‘poha’, an appetizing fluorescent rice flakes which he prepares by himself.

Most of his customers, which are a diverse group of workers, students, officers or mere travellers, do not have any idea who they are dealing with on the other side of the poha stall. Many of them are his regular customers, while others are just passersby attracted to the favorite Indian snack. [..]

FDI in Udaipur: Interview with Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter

“I could well imagine to see expatriates settle down on the lakeshore…”

The above quote come from Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter, the Chief Executive Officer of Horasis: The Global Visions Community, Switzerland. (UT) had the privilege of communicating with the CEO of Horasis, before and after his trip to Udaipur, earlier this month.

We present below the excerpts from an interview with Dr. Richter, which were taken through email. However, before the excerpts we would like our readers to understand the Horasis philosophy and know about Dr. Richter. [..]

Rendezvous With X Factor of Udaipur Shahnwaz Khan

The first name which comes in our minds when one talk about X FACTOR is Shahnawaz Khan popularly known as “Bunty”. This promising star of Udaipur has made us all proud by being amongst the top five in X Factor aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

His journey to Mumbai has not been a one nights’ dream but an 18 years long struggle. His dream started since his childhood and with his ‘never say die attitude’, he has risen to this level.

Shahnwaz started his journey with the support and guidance of his family. Since his childhood he has always been fascinated towards music and started his career with Lyord Group Orchestra as a singer.

Without any practical training he has also learnt to play various musical instruments along with his passion for singing. To give him a good platform to showcase his talent, his father started The Blue Star Orchestra.

He spent 10 years in OMAN singing with a group in a 5-star hotel. He returned to India for marriage and as is generally said that behind every successful man there is a woman, his wife turned out to be his charming stone. [..]

Nakul Sahdev: Doing is important than talking about Doing it

22 year old Nakul Sahdev started his formal training in acting and film making right after he finished schooling from St. Paul’s Udaipur.

Mumbai was calling this chocolate faced acting passionate who is now debuting in yet to release Bollywood flick “Money Devo Bhava”

It would be incorrect to say, acting is in his genes. Nakul’s father is a successful businessman and mother is serving in the Indian Navy. Unlike his parent’s profession, Nakul Sahdev has an exceptional obsession for acting since his childhood.

“My passions are always acting in films and bring unimaginable characters to life. Even if act for 15 to 30 minutes for myself that makes my day” says Nakul who is also an avid reader and diehard fan of Paulo Coelho and Arthur Miller’s books.

Worked with notable personalities of Indian film industry including Naseeruddin Shah and several others being his mentor like Subhash Ghai, Ratna Pathak, Benjamin Gelani, Zamil Khan and Arvind Pandey, this Udaipuri boy has tons of exposure of Bollywood at a very young age. [..]

Speaking Canvas: Interview with Dr. Meena Baya

Dr. Meena Baya is a PhD in Jain Temple Sculptures; she is a teacher, an artist and a painter. Painting is the absolute soul of Ms. Meena Baya, who came a long way to position herself in the list of few renowned painters of Udaipur.

Her paintings have crossed several continents of the world; spreading the message of life, its colors and nature. Recognition has always been secondary for this charismatic artist, who dedicated her life to society and nature through her spectacular art skills.

A narrowed work-space which she refers to as her place -of -worship is spread with hundreds of talking figures on canvas and elegant colors narrating the story hidden in its stature.

Born in a typical working-class Jain family, 47 year old Ms. Baya has an impressive and dynamic personality, which can influence anyone who comes in contact with her. I got the pleasure of meeting her at an art exhibition, and soon I landed at her yet-to-be-inaugurated gallery.

Our prolonged discussion was further extended after I had realized that I have a small artist hidden within myself somewhere after meeting her. Let’s see what you explore in yourself after reading her interview. [..]

Lakshyaraj Singh- The Majestic Prince of Mewar

Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar – The Prince of Royal House of Mewar is the younger son of HRH Arvind Singh Mewar, 76th custodian of Mewar Dynasty which is often acknowledged as the world’s oldest serving dynasty. While HRH Arvind Singh Mewar’s thriving leadership has set several milestones for HRH Group of Hotels, his younger and only son Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar is following the footsteps of his father. 26 year old Lakshyaraj has taken over several key responsibilities in the affluent family business of HRH Group of Hotels. Developing several HRH properties and projects like managing Jagmandir Palace Hotel and expansion of HRH’s security standards are few of the core tasks he’s accomplishing successfully. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar was born on 28 January 1985 as the youngest child of Arvind Singh Mewar and Vjayraj Kumari Mewar. His elder sisters are Bhargavi Kumari Mewar and Padmaja Kumari Mewar. He studied Bachelors of Commerce in Hospitality Management from Blue Mountains Hotel Schools in Australia. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar has done his early education from Maharana Mewar Public School- Udaipur, GD Somani School- Mumbai and Mayo College- Ajmer. After staying away from home for more than 14 years, Lakshyaraj Singh returned back to Udaipur in 2007. [..]

An Invincible Success Story of a Body Builder

Mahesh Waghmare is a professional bodybuilder based in Udaipur, he is also a fitness trainer and a wholesaler of protein supplements, Mahesh don’t have any higher educational qualifications, he can even hardly read and understand the content and nutritious facts written on supplement bottles but he challenges any qualified nutritionist or fitness trainer to prove him wrong.

He used his own body to experiment the supplements, its quantity and quality. He knows every small and big detail of work-out techniques, posture, fitness and bodybuilding ethics.

He has a collection 10,000 magazines and books of bodybuilding, almost all in English which he translates with the help of her daughter who’s studying engineering.

Mahesh won several medals in bodybuilding including Mr. Indore (1981-85), Mr. Malwa (1986), Gold Medal in Banswara (2007), Pratapgarh (2008) and Chittor (2009), Silver Medal in North India level (2009), Mr. Rajasthan in Pratapgarh (2010), Opted for Mr. India Federation Cup 2010 in Varanasi and represented Rajasthan, he won 5th place and National level silver medal in Bhopal 2011.

His steeled muscles, sturdy facial expression and jagged eyes keep away even the most mischievous elements from him but very few people knows that he never even raised his voice to anyone in his life. [..]

Abhimanyu Singh Jhala: The Youngest Politician in Rajasthan

He became the youngest politician in Rajasthan at the age of 22, his juvenile shoulders carries solemn responsibilities of 45 village panchayats of Gogunda. Ajju Banna, that’s how he’s been called by residents of Gogunda in an affection and respect he made in the hearts of people, by the social, political and economic reform he brought to the place in last 1 year.

Abhimanyu Singh Jhala (born. 26.03.87) is a working vice-president of Gogunda Gram Panchayat Samiti. He belongs to the family of political leaders, his grandfather Devi Singh Jhala was the president of Gogunda gram Panchayat for 18 years and his father Lal Singh Jhala is vice-president of Rajasthan Kisaan Congress.

His mother Lajwant Kunwar Jhala impeccably raised the family and children. Abhimanyu is the eldest of his two siblings Kapil Singh and Anushree Jhala, Abhimanyu’s political position and his young age has amazed many people; markedly he is one of the youth icons of not only Gogunda but also his birth place Udaipur. [..]