A Silent Social Worker: Riaz A. Tehsin

in Photo: Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is greeted at Vidya Bhawan’s Diamond Jubilee Function by President Riaz Tehsin

Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts – the book of their deeds, the book of their words and the book of their art, John Ruskin once said. If we go by that definition, one name that comes to mind which has contributed to the nation’s three manuscripts of deeds, words and art is Riaz A. Tehsin – a distinguished humanitarian, an educationist par excellence and a preeminent patron of culture and arts.

Early Life and Childhood

Born on 20 September 1938 in a progressive family of Udaipur (Rajasthan), Riaz Tehsin is the son of the then Vice Mayor T. H. Tehsin, who later officiated as the Acting Mayor of the Udaipur Municipal Corporation. A social worker and nature lover, T. H. Tehsin was also an associate of Manikya Lal Verma and Mohan Lal Sukhadiya during the Independence Movement.

During his childhood, Riaz Tehsin’s inspiration came from his father as well as his mother Khursheed Banu, who, in spite of having a severe disability, worked for the emancipation of women. She was the Vice President of the Rajasthan Branch of All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), of which Maharani Gayatri Devi was the President. [..]

Razia Tehsin: The Woman with a Golden Heart

Article by Arefa Tehsin

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare,” Mark Twain had once said. The life of Razia Tehsin, a woman from the beautiful laid-back town of Udaipur, was woven with exceptional moral courage.

Social activist. Author. Editor. Educationist. There are many titles to define her, but not a single one that does entire justice to a life spent for others, to a woman who didn’t wear gold on her person but in her heart. Born on 12th July 1936, Razia was greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and became a follower of Indian Socialist philosophy. Instrumental in the formation and running of many institutions and organisations, Razia never accepted any paid post. [..]

Paintings are beyond words: A. Rashid

Written by M.A. Azad

Rajasthan is home to India’s most elaborate artwork. From hand-carved animal sculptures to larger-than-life puppets, a myriad of artwork can be found in Udaipur. The city has given many artists to the world. Let us talk about someone who is famous but not in news.

Born in the year 1949, Abdul Rashid, commonly known as Rashid Sir is an interesting man, a multifaceted Personality. If he captures your interest through his art, he also amuses you with his teaching ability.  Udaipur’s resident, a teacher by profession and an artist by hobby, inspires a feeling of awe even as he opens his studio –with Clay Pottery, Sculptures and Versatile Paintings. [..]

Choyals – Drawing Their Glorious Lineage

When every expression becomes tribute to an art, it is then an artist is born and Rajasthan, a land of mystery, which unfolds many truths hidden in layers of history, is richly endowed with many such artists.  Choyal Family of Udaipur is one such golden strand in veil of cultural richness. The senior most artist of this family is P.N.Choyal who has glorified this land by his outstanding creations. It is our pleasure to introduce you such a talented clan of artists from Udaipur.

from right- Akash, Surjeet, Charul, P.N Choyal and Shail Choyal [..]

[Biography] Claire Abrams: Animal Aid Unlimited

Claire Abrams

Claire Abrams (born on September 2nd, 1989) is an animal lover and social activist. She is the co-founder of a charitable organization named Animal Aid Unlimited at Udaipur, India. She commands this NGO by her love and compassion towards ownerless street animals.  She is an American but speaks fluent Hindi.

Personal Life   Claire was born in Melbourne, Australia, the daughter of Erika Abrams and Jim Myers. She was brought up in Seattle, USA, which is her hometown. Her childhood was spent in Seattle till she was in 9th standard after that her family shifted to Udaipur permanently. After coming to India, she completed her education up to 12th standard by self-study in India and appearing in examinations in USA. Before founding animal Aid, her mother Erika Abrams was a professional writer, a marketing consultant, and her father Jim Myers was a professor of English literature in American Universities and public relations consultant to NGOs. [..]