Murder Convict Escapes from Jail

A convict sentenced to life imprisonment for murder has escaped from police security at 4:30AM today from MB Hospital where he was taken for treatment following a complain of chest pain.

Laxman Meghwal, convicted of murdering his distant relative was in jail since 2004. Laxman was accompanied by two police constables in hospital and when one of them went to get water, Laxman allegedly pushed another constable Radha Kishan and fled in the dark.

A man hunt has been lodged to nab the runaway inmate immediately after the constables lodged a complain at the Hathipol Police Station.

C.I. Hathipol, Goverdhan Lal said that Laxman s/o Kamalchand Meghwal is a resident of Goina, Mawli and was convicted of killing his relative in 2002; the case was lodged at Pratap Nagar and he was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in 2004, since then he was serving his term at Central Jail, Udaipur. [..]

Urmila Completes PhD on Legislative Assembly

Urmila Sharma has successfully completed her PhD on the subject – Role of Jannu Bhai in Legislative Assembly (1957-1962).

As from the excerpts of the study, she states that, Jannu bhai’s (Janardan Rai Nagar) political approach was centered on the benefits of the common mass. He never believed in group-politics and always was above these layers of ill-politics.

Even being the political leader of the center, he used to demand cut/deflation everytimes (though he was not supposed to!). [..]

20th August declared as Eid for Muslim Community though Crescent Moon eludes Udaipur

The Muslim community of Udaipur would be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr tomorrow.  The Crescent Moon, though, kept the Muslim’s of Udaipur waiting and didn’t show up, but Islamic Scholars declared the celebration of Eid, by confirming to Udaipur’s peer areas.

Areas including Fatehnagar, Dungarpur, Chittorgarh and Kherwada reported the sighting of moon, yet Udaipur was waiting for the moon to show up.  People were expecting the moon to show up after offering Namaz (Maghrib) this evening, but cloudy weather kept this joy at bay for a while.

Then, the officials from Anjuman Talimul Islamic Committee, Anjuman went to Fatehnagar to confirm and witness (known as Shahaadat) the sighting of the moon in the area.  After the Namaz-e-Isha’a in the evening, the declaration of Eid being tomorrow was made at the Dholi Bawadi Masjid. [..]

Face to Face with Univ President Pankaj Borana

Udaipur celebrates its new Youth Icon, 24-year-old Pankaj Borana, who was elected as President of the Students Union, Mohan Lal Sukhadia University.  Pankaj, who fought on a Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarti Parishad (ABVP) seat holds a charming personality; he is young at heart and looks promising from his contemplation of taking up the responsibilities expected from him. [..]

Marble Slurry Dumping Yard is still Mushrooming

Even after a number of promises made by the concerned authorities to discontinue the Marble slurry dumping yard at Chitrakut Nagar, it seems that the cry is reaching deaf ears.

Few days back when a group of students from Europe, Asia and Africa visited the marble slurry dumping yard at Chitrakut Nagar, their expression was shocking as expected.

Students under the banner of Centre for Science and Environment analyzed how the dumping yard is badly affecting the natural habitat of Chitrakut Nagar, which was once a cluster of green hills beautifying the horizon of the City of Lakes. [..]

Electrical Association announces new executive members

Udaipur Electrical Association has announced their new board of executive members today in a general meeting that held at Lions Bhawan, Devali.

Harish Ostwal was selected as President while Dinesh Singhvi was elected as Vice President.  Ajay Jain (Secretary), Vinod Jain (Treasurer) and Manish Jain (Joint Secretary) along with other names were announced by the election-in-charge Narendra Saraf and Ghanshyam Das Parikh.

The meeting was started at 11 in the morning at Lions Club Bhawan.  Previous works including achievements and milestones were elaborated by the members. [..]

Pankaj Borana: New University President

Cutting short the domination of CSS in University elections in Udaipur from past 2 years, ABVP triumphed and sounded the winning “Bugle” after the tremendous win of ABVP candidate Pankaj Borana to take the position of University President.

After the month long campaigning and hook-n-crook methods to attract student voters, University elections concluded today amid substantial tension between student groups and administration.

ABVP activists cheered on their victory followed by the oath taking ceremony that concluded in the evening. [..]

[Food Review] Tea and the platform #1

Remember the times you’ve spent waiting for trains on platforms, sitting perhaps on suitcases or (if you’re lucky) rusty half broken chairs, sipping cheap tasteless ‘chai’ with equally cheap snacks praying for time to pass more quickly. This is an adaptation of same scenario. But in the prettiest and most creative style plausible.


Crime Update: Shakeel Matta sent to Remand

One of the prime suspects in the Gunfire on Sanjay Bhandari case – Shakil Mattha along with another suspect Somin Sheikh were sent to five days remand by the Court today. According to Police, based on a tip received on 17th August, 2012; Police went to Nagda Pahada, Kailashpuri where Shakil was staying in an inn near the temple. When Police started searching, he ran and after the hide-n-seek of 2-3 hours, finally he got caught by the Police. The sequence to nab Shakil was started at 2.30PM, and then followed by him running off and nabbing him once again stretched till 4PM. Police also questioned the Inn owner who told Police that he was forced by Shakil to lend him a room.

BJP appeals to solve Sanjay Shooting Case

Bhartiya Janta Party, Udaipur presented a memorandum to Superintendent of Police regarding the recent firing case on Sanjay Bhandari, Businessman and BJP Member.

According to the Memorandum, all the suspects are not yet nabbed by police and the main suspect Praveen Vaishnav is still on the run.  The Police should capture them all and an example should be set in front of people, so that no such activity can be repeated in the city.

It also states that, the common mass is losing its faith in the Police and even blaming Police being involved in such cases.  They asked for investigating inside police force for any such possibility. [..]