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Today afternoon Goverdhan Vilas police arrested 4 persons accused of Highway loot, from the jungles of Kalyanpur area.

Crime / 3 hours ago

In what can be said as a heroic deed and mercy of God, Arjun Singh Fattawat, Loco Pilot prevented a suicide on the Udaipur – Ahmadabad rail track.

News / 3 hours ago

One of the two trains for Delhi, Mewar Express, was cancelled as a result of breakage of tracks near Kota. This is a result of the recent activities in relation to the Gurjar Community protest over Reservations.

News / 3 hours ago

Surajpol police on Saturday arrested the driver of a private bus for rape and sexual abuse of a 16 year old girl and also seized the bus. It was alleged that the driver had been assaulting the minor for the last three months, on the pretext of helping her.

Crime / 8 hours ago