Water Pond in Celebration Mall

No! This is not an over nightly constructed pond at the ground floor of Celebration Mall. This is an art work created by famous artist and Guinness Book of World Record holder Limnesh Augustine.

Limnesh visited Udaipur recently as a part of his 47 days ‘Live 3D Road Trip’. During his two day stay, Limnesh made some artwork in The Celebration Mall and also conducted workshop to teach people about 3D Art and Painting. [..]


One student arrested for assaulting bus driver

One of the students residing in the Charan Hostel was arrested for allegedly assaulting a bus driver and conductor while half a dozen of accused students are still absconding.

Surajpol Police has taken action after receiving complaint from the bus conductor Takhat Singh who reported to police about the attack.

According to police, one of the accused, Virendra was arrested while search for other accused is going on. [..]

#UT4Cause: You can Help Khush

7-year-old Khush is suffering from Spine Deformity since birth. He is recently diagnosed with Lumbar Scoliosis with Tethered Cord Syndrome (कुबड़).

In this medical condition, the person’s spine is curved from side to side, shaped like an ‘S’ and may also be rotated. [..]