Over 1 lac siphoned off 8 Udaipur Residents, under pretext of Hajj Tour

Dhanmandi Police today have registered a case yesterday where a group of 8 persons were duped in the name of pilgrimage to Hajj and Umrah by a con travel agent from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

According to Police, Liaqat Hussain s/o Rahat Hussain, resident of Chudigharon Ka Mohala, Udaipur lodged a complaint against Riyaz Sheikh, resident of Dhanilinda, Chaar Rasta, Ahmedabad of duping him and his 7 other friends on the name of taking them to Hajj and Umrah.

As per the report, Riyaz met Liaqat in April 2012 when he told Liaqat about how he sent one of Liaqat’s neighabour on Umrah and how he can easily send Liaqat on Hajj and Umrah too.

Liaqat along with his 7 other friends showed interest and told Riyaz to do the arrangements after showing him the passport and other required documents. Riyaz then went to Ahmedabad on the alleged pretext of making arrangements.

On 3rd May, 2012 Riyaz called Liaqat and gave him an account number in Bank of Baroda, and asked him to deposit Rs. 60,000 and Liaqat obliged.  On 19th May, Riyaz asked for Rs. 55,000 more and Liaqat again credited the amount.

Riyaz then started lingering on with the topic and from the current month onwards, started ignoring phone calls on his mobile.  Liaqat, along with his friends, then travelled to Gujarat and went to Riyaz’s travel agency “Ahmedi Travels” as mentione dby Riyaz.  On reaching the location, the other shop keepers disclosed that it had been a long time since the travel agency was shut down.

Liaqat called Riyazs’ residence and there also he was informed that Riyaz had not been home from quite a long time.

The group came back to Udaipur and lodged the complaintat Dhanmandi Police Station.

Police have registered the case and is looking into it.

Reported By: Sohail Khan



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