[Now Open] Grill Inn for Burgers and Pizza Lovers

Adding another name in the growing fast-food culture of Udaipur, Grill Inn, a franchise specialty in serving varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian burgers, pizzas, pastas, footlongs and sandwiches, has opened its outlet in the city’s key location – Delhi Gate.

With a seating capacity of 55 people, they also offer a takeaway facility. Grill Inn is constructed over a two storey building and this is their third restaurant in Rajasthan with two actively serving in Jaipur.

According to Deepak Gurnani, owner of Grill Inn Udaipur, the restaurant has strong brand presence in several cities of India and they are looking forward to boost the city by introducing elegant food varieties.


Menu of Grill Inn looks very economical, starting from Rs.25 for aloo tikki burger, it has several options of combos in all main categories (Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizzas and Footlongs), and they also have series of desserts and beverages.

As Mc D, KFC and Pizza Hut are already trying to dominate the Lakecity’s Market, small food chains are also eyeing for their share in the city.

If you have already visited Grill Inn then don’t forget to share your dining experience with us.


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