Theft in 2 shops at Hathipol

Two shops in the busy market of Hathipol were subjected to consecutive thefts in the last 24 hours.

Thieves stole Rs.2 Lac cash from a furniture shop and a bag shop in the area.  As per police, the thieves used bamboos as a bridge between an under construction building and the roof of one of the shops to get inside the premises. [..]

Ornaments worth Lacs Stolen

In a major theft that rocked the residents of Udaipur today, Gold ornaments weighing around 80 Tolas (around 800gms) and more than 2 kg of Silver ornaments including Rs.70,000 cash were stolen from the house of a jewelry trader at Hiran Magri last night. [..]

Theft at Digamber Jain Temple

Cash and 9 Silver Chattars were stolen from the Digamber Jain Temple situated at Jagat village, Kurabad area of Udaipur sometime last night.

The theft came to light today morning, when the woman priest of the temple, Babli Bai reached the site and found a big hole in one of the walls and a broken window. [..]

2 arrested for Highway Robbery

Goverdhan Vilas Police arrested two members of the notorious gang known for committing robberies on Udaipur-Jaipur Highway. Interestingly the robbers used to commit crimes wearing women’s attire.

The accused arrested are Rakesh Meena (23) and Ishwalal Meena (23),  [..]

3 arrested for number of thefts

Police arrested three people on suspicion of numerous burglaries and thefts committed recently in different parts of the city.

Following the information, Sukher Police raided a hideout in Amberi Village. They arrested Kishan Gameti, Devendra Rao and Prem Gayri. All three were arrested from Mehro ka Guda. [..]