Man commits suicide due to mental stress

A 50-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself in the bathroom. The victim Devraj Kumawat was believed to be under mental stress and has been under close observation of the family.

The incident took place on 28th July when Devraj Kumawat was found missing in his house; the family members started searching for him and he was found hanging from a bathroom shower. [..]

Body of a man found on railway track

Pratap Nagar Police found a body on the railway tracks near village Dangio ki Pancholi today. The deceased was identified as Anup Singh, resident of Karoli.

According to police, a railway guard saw the mutilated body lying on the track and he immediately informed police. Upon checking, a note was found from the body with the details of the victim and his address.

Prima Facie police is considering it as suicide. The relatives are contacted and the body is kept in the mortuary.

Labor dies after falling from building at Shobhagpura

A 23 year old labor died this morning after falling from the roof of an under construction building at Shobhagpura area.

The victim Harish Gameti was rushed to M.B hospital where was declared dead and the body was shifted to mortuary.

Harish was working as labor on the construction site of Dharam Raj Dangi. While working on the roof he fell down and sustained severe head injuries, as per police.

12 year old drowns at Sisarma Lake

A 12-year-old boy drowned in Sisarma Lake yesterday while swimming in the lake with his friends.

According to the Police, when his friends saw him getting in deep waters and he didn’t came out for a long time, they started shouting for help but no one could reach there for help and he died. [..]

Unidentified body found at Chitrakoot nagar

An unidentified dead body was found last night in Chitrakoot Nagar, on the road.

According to Police, body of a 25-30 year old male was found on the road of Mahapragya Vihar, Chitrakoot Nagar last night. The Police patrol – Hawk saw the body on the road and informed Sukher police station. [..]