Udaipur Hajj Pilgrims to leave from 11th September

Rajasthan State Hajj Committee announced the final dates of Hajj Pilgrim’s departure today. Around 3500 people are going for the Pilgrimage (Hajj) this year from Rajasthan out of which 96 are from Udaipur city.

Zahiruddin Sakka, Hajj Coordinator informed, “Udaipur pilgrims will start leaving from 11th September till 24th September, everyday there will be one flight for each group.” [..]

Man from Dore Nagar commits suicide

A 33-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of his room at Dore Nagar near Pratap Nagar.

According to police, the deceased, Rocky Sampson was working at a private company in Udaipur and staying with his wife and parents. [..]

Theft in 2 shops at Hathipol

Two shops in the busy market of Hathipol were subjected to consecutive thefts in the last 24 hours.

Thieves stole Rs.2 Lac cash from a furniture shop and a bag shop in the area.  As per police, the thieves used bamboos as a bridge between an under construction building and the roof of one of the shops to get inside the premises. [..]

Ornaments worth Lacs Stolen

In a major theft that rocked the residents of Udaipur today, Gold ornaments weighing around 80 Tolas (around 800gms) and more than 2 kg of Silver ornaments including Rs.70,000 cash were stolen from the house of a jewelry trader at Hiran Magri last night. [..]