FAQ (frequently asked questions) is designed in a way to clear your confusion, queries and information about this website/site/blog/online magazine.

 Q.1 Who owns this website? Is it related to any print media?

UdaipurTimes.com is an independent and online only news website owned and operated by UNICO Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This site is not affiliated with any other organization.


Q.2 Is UdaipurTimes.com also available in printed version?

 A.As answered above, this is purely online and has no other version in print.


 Q.3. How do you describe this website, and its objective?

A. This website is the first hyperlocal English news portal covering daily news, business, events and other activities going on in Udaipur. Our core objective is to serve local news to our readers with much accuracy and speed.


Q.4 How UdaipurTimes.com earns?

A. UdaipurTimes.com is a commercial website and earns from various sources including banner advertisements, sponsored post and other commercially affiliated programs. You can check our Advertising policy.


 Q5. How can someone contribute to UdaipurTimes.com?

A. We invite guest authors who wish to publish their articles, check guest author’s policy. We also encourage readers to share news and photos with us. All association of any reader with UdaipurTimes.com is non-commercial and voluntary.

If you have more queries about UdaipurTimes, please feel free to write us via udaipurtimes@gmail.com