Chaotic Day at Meera Girls College

A situation of absolute chaos was seen today at Meera Girl’s College when hundreds of students were gathered to submit their forms and to do other clerical works related to college. However, college administration was unable to handle the situation due to lack of staff.

The college campus is still under control of election officers since the counting of assembly election was conducted in the college. According to college staff, the election team has already started evacuating the college and in the next few days, the college work will be resumed.

Nearly 200 students were seen waiting in the queue at college today, meanwhile other people including heavy vehicles of government employees also passing through the campus. The whole situation created disorder in the area.


Dr.Savita Joshi, principal of the college informed, “Due to lack of staff, we could not assist students but from tomorrow till the coming weekend we will complete all pending work.”

The college activities were affected during election and vote counting process. All EVMs were also kept in the college and the campus was highly cordoned by security forces.

After two days since the election results were declared, students reached college supposing that everything will be normal.

inputs by Gaurav Bhimawat


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    ऑनलाइन के नाम पर दिखावा कर रखा हैं MLSU ने , ऑनलाइन फॉर्म के साथ ही ऑनलाइन पेमेंट का सिस्टम होना चाइये, ऑनलाइन के नाम पर बैंको मैं लाइन लग रही हैं और फिर कॉलेज मैं फिर काये का ऑनलाइन its a shit management and waste of time the website is also dust not work most of the time.

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