The Monsoon

Better late than never… Monsoons have arrived in the city of lakes, bare feet they arrived walking under harsh sun and keeping the drops intact not letting them to evaporate and beating the long awaited thirsts of the Udaipurites. [..]

How to take care of your Knee

By: Dr. Murtaza Ezzy

Knee is categorized as a large and very important functional joint for human being. It helps the individual to move from place to place to carry out the functional and activity of daily living. [..]

Strange Behaviour of Murrel

On 1 March 1991, at about 0830 hrs I, along with two friends, was walking along the shallow shore of a lake watching aquatic birds. Near the shore we came across a small, discarded wooden boat partly submerged in the lake. [..]

Muscle Twitch in the Neck/Lower Back & Quick fix with Manual Therapy

By Dr. Murtaza Izzy

Muscle spasm is tightness of the muscle, which is basically a protective phenomenon. In common words it’s called muscle twitch/catch (chadak). Whenever a person does a sudden movement and the muscle has to contract (in action to produce movement), sometimes the muscles are not ready to do that particular action. [..]

Gadgets and your Neck Pain & Headache

By Dr. Murtaza Ezzy

In recent years every second youngster in the age group of 16-35 years is suffering from neck pain and headache. Many panic immediately and the first thing that comes to their mind is either Cervical Spondylitis or Slip Disc; for headache always one thing comes to mind is Migraine. [..]