What is to be Done!?

Disclaimer: Prior reading this, I advise you to abandon all hope within you! And if you had abandoned it long ago, please disregard this notice and keep on reading outpours of my incoherent mind…

I needed to declare that for two reasons.

1) This piece of writing is equivalent to a comedian with no material, a monsoon with no rain, an e-mail with no subject matter, a book with no title and a film with no plot whatsoever. It is as random as it can get. 2) As I mentioned in my previous article that I firmly believe, I am a non-practicing writer, so I haven’t produced a goddamn predicate in past two weeks. [..]

Elements of Historicity in the Period Dramas on Indian Television

By Sushmita Banerjee

Mythology and period dramas are oft-represented themes in the electronic media, especially television and cinema. Right from the early 1980s, when the television industry was in nascent stage, mythological serials such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata were prime time telecasts on Doordarshan [..]

Vulnerable, not Extinct: And the Hope Emerges

There’s a ray of hope…

“I will be the happiest person on earth ever if I could see these two together in my lifetime, where one chose the recluse and the other went for isolation. Still there is no clarity regarding how long they both will be living like this or when life will come to them nice and fine, wrapping itself as a gift that is already unwrapped but yet to be felt and lived,” said Aratrika. [..]

Vulnerable, not Extinct: Meeting Aratrika

All the information they gathered was good, but not enough to simplify the things in front of them. And much to Amrita’s complexity it was something that she wanted to know where Rumi is and how Kul ended up in the isolation where people would never dare to go? [..]