C.P Joshi arrives in Udaipur

Chief Secretary of Indian National Congress Dr. C.P Joshi arrived in Udaipur today. Joshi is on a three day visit to the City of Lakes where he will also be celebrating his 65th Birthday on 29th July. [..]

Thieves storm over half a dozen houses in one night

More than half a dozen houses located at Hiran Magri sector 4 became victim of theft and burglary in a single night.

Several amounts of cash, jewelries, clothes, household items and even petrol from vehicles were stolen by a gang of thieves. The thieves also snatched gold chain from a woman sleeping in her room. [..]

Mobile phone found from under trial prisoner

Surajpol Police has lodged report against an under trail prisoner for keeping mobile phone in Jail. The phone was confiscated from the accused Dilip Nath during the sudden inspection of jail on 25th July.

The administration has gone more strict and vigilant since the number of violent incidents reported from the state jails recently. Though it is illegal, but usage of mobile phones from jail is considered very common.

Criminals lodged in jail often control their illicit activities and keep in touch with outside world through mobile phones. No effective action has been taken by the authority to completely ban the mobile phones from jail.

Umarda Accident victim dies during treatment

A 25-year-old man from Umarda who was admitted in hospital after getting severely injured in a road mishap, died yesterday during treatment.

The deceased, Ramesh Kumar owned a puncture repair shop at Umarda and was returning home when a truck hit three men including Ramesh. The other two, Rajkumar and Gaurilal are also admitted in hospital.

Hiran Magri Police has lodged case against the unknown truck driver.

2 arrested for stealing bike parked outside Jail

Two people were arrested for stealing a motorcycle parked outside the Central Jail of Udaipur. As per the police, the arrest could lead to solve more cases of vehicle thefts in the city.

Surajpol Police has arrested Laburam Gameti, resident of Mavli and Sukhlal Dangi, resident of Ghasa today. Both stole a motorcycle from Central Jail on 22nd July. [..]

Police seize liquor worth Rs.15 Lac

Parsad Police has seized truck carrying illegal liquor worth Rs.15 Lac and arrested two people including the truck driver and his assistant. The consignment was coming from Haryana and going to Gujarat.

The liquor bottles were packed into 721 boxes and hidden under the wheat sacks. All liquors were made in Haryana and Punjab states. [..]