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ICMS: Awakening Frankenstein

Google’s transparency report for July-Dec 2012

ICMS, or Indian Central Monitoring System, has been implemented by the Government of India from April this year in a very hush-hush manner. Although most of us would be glad that the government actually managed to implement something, a whole bunch of cyber activists, freedom of speech crusaders (and emo teens who fill online private journals with their inner most feelings), have gotten their knickers in a mighty big twist.

ICMS, an ‘intelligence’ (yeah, right) initiative, is designed to make your dreams of entering the Big Boss house come true. While you may not get to be on national TV or rub shoulders with a movie star, you certainly will be watched 24×7. With the help of ICMS the Government of India has the means to tap your phone, read your text messages, go through your emails, your chat logs and even monitor your video calls; and you thought your parents were snoopy? [..]

Open Letter to Rape Apologists

Dear Rape Apologists,

A girl in Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar was abducted and repeatedly sexually molested for a period of 48 hours by her neighbour. The neighbour had cut open her throat and mutilated her genitals. He also tried to strangle her. She is currently battling for her life at Swami Dayanad Hosiptal. Along with wounds on her lips, cheeks, chest, the doctors also found a candle and a bottle of oil inside her. Nobody knows if she will live.

She is five years old.

The nation is in shock, again. We are looking for solutions, again. But I see some of you have already started with your rants of “legalize prostitution to prevent rape”. You seem to hold the view that if men have more sex, they will commit less rape. [..]

Indian Woman: The Precious Wealth in Misery

The 21st Century has been one of the most significant for India in its long history as a civilization. We have the youngest workforce in the world, the second fastest growing economy and have managed to eradicated polio completely. Yet, a little over 12 years into the 21st century and India has become home to 1/3rd of the world’s 142 million child brides.

While most of us would like to imagine that child marriages are either a thing of the distant past or a fantasy confined to the four corners of our television, they are a grim reality facing one of every two Indian women who get married. According to UNICEF 48% of rural girls and 29% of their urban counterparts in India became child brides in 2011.

The UN defines child marriage as a marriage where either one or both participants are under the age of 18. Though child marriage affects boys as well, girl children are affected in a considerably disproportionate amount and the consequences for them are much graver. [..]