The past food v/s The fast food

Simulate the very moment when tour tongue takes a roll on seeing a plate full of French fries or a big slice of your favorite cheese pizza. Tough moments. Aren’t they?

After cherishing those few moments on your lips, you blame the famous Santosh Pani Puri wala of Gulab Bagh for that extra ounce. Not fair. Your admonishing is not at all warranted on that poor chap.

So yes, the whole point is, of all the above mentioned drama is that fast food or let’s call it fun food has become quite an essential part of our lifestyle. With the big food outlets like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Subway, etc. venturing into Udaipur, the situation might just aggravate more. Although, like everything, there are pros and cons of it too.

How many people would be eager to eat an Aloo Tikki or a Chicken bucket? And how many are in for a more desi version of it at the legendary Rehmaniya hotel?

In a recent random check done on Facebook itself, it was found that half of the people would obviously want to dine at a more clean and sophisticated place at KFC instead of those old eateries.

Tanisha Bhanawat, who is an engineering student, says, “I love eating at McDonalds. It is cleaner. More hygienic and I do not have to worry about the flies and dirt swarming on my food.” [..]

Feel Good Celebration of National Sports Day

India’s six-medal win in the recent London Olympics might look beautiful to everyone; after all, it is our highest chase in any Olympics so far. Nonetheless, when you refer the medal tally, the world’s seventh largest nation in area and the second most populated nation do not stand anywhere.

Sports and outdoors are always been disregarded in our country, for education is necessary to get a government job. Still we celebrate (well, celebrate does not sound appropriate), okay mark 29th August as National Sports Day to commemorate the birth of Dhyan Chand, the famous hockey player.

To remind everyone, if they are mistaken that cricket is our national game, it is Hockey in reality but forlornly we didn’t get through even one Hockey match in London. Sounds bitter, doesn’t it?

Considering sports as a career in our country is a taboo. Although one can witness moderations now, but small cities and the small mentality are far away. It is not exactly people’s fault either, for it is necessary to have an appropriate court/field for the particular game. Keep apart the safety equipment. [..]

[Movie Review] Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi

Cast: Boman Irani, Farah Khan, Daisy Irani

Direction: Bela Bhansali Sehgal

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rating: 2.5/5

Rose tinted 40 plus love amalgamated with a funny storyline and a wide range of undergarments.  Well, you are definitely in for a roller coaster ride of unceasing drama, love and an endearing finale. Farhad Pastakia (Boman Irani) is a 45-year-old salesperson at Tem Tem Bra and Panty shop.  He has given up all the hopes of getting married ever in his life until one day he encounters another Parsi bachelorette Shrin Fuggawala (Farah Khan) who is the secretary at The Parsi Trust. And that marks the beginning of yet another love saga between the two.  Boman Irani has acted undoubtedly well.  Farah Khan fits beautifully in the role of Shirin and her acting skills are natural enough to make her debut a hit! [..]

World Population Bursting Natural Resources

Globalization has indeed made the world a smaller place to live in. But with the rising fleet of population, the earth will certainly prove too small to sustain the requisites of the people.

Presently, the population of the world is estimated to be 7 billion people and still counting. This estimation in fact should be seen as a threat to mankind because even now one third of the total population of the world is devoid of proper meals.

India is the 2nd largest populated nation, but with the present stature, it might leave China behind in the upcoming 20-25 years.

Nonetheless, many attempts are being made in our country to curb this mounting issue but do we have a slightest idea of the outcome if they are actually implemented? Forget that. Have we ever pondered about the problems, that we, yes we, will face in the approaching years? [..]

Board Mania Wrestles with a Student’s Life

Since the origin of the concept, Board exams have made a distinctive impact in the minds of students as well as their parents. Whether it is ‘pre-board’ exam stress or the ‘post-exam’ period, the Board exam hype has certainly grown year by year.

The board exam pattern in our country is really primitive and the same pattern is being followed till yet. If not anything, Board exam is the one common factor between us and our elders, which definitely would have taken the peace out of their lives and granted many sleepless nights to them too.

Well, in our life we have given many school and home examinations, right? Then why do we all have or do experience a sense of fright when it comes to Board examinations? Is it because of the pre-build-scary image of the Boards in our minds or the kind of apprehension instilled in the minds of people? This dreadful image has something to do away with the rising competition amongst the students and the struggle to be an ace. [..]

My Dear Mother, Thank you !

This is one little attempt of mine to convey you a big lump full of thanks for everything, everything you have bestowed upon me since I have been. Right from the time when I was a tiny tot to today, when I am mature and grown up. Having you as my mother was one of the best things that could happen to me. It is you who has molded a childish, puerile being to a mature and independent human .

Mum, do you remember the time when you first dropped me to school? It was you who was more anxious than me. Every now and then I used to get a new frock and a pair of shoes but saw you wearing the same pair for months. In fact, I thought that it was your favorite design that made you buy a similar kind of shoe every time.

Do you remember the time when I used to be irrevocably sick for several consecutive months? I do, because it is impossible for me to forget those sleepless worried nights of yours.

Thanks mother for getting up early every day to prepare my Tiffin and sending me to school . [..]

It’s a World Dance Day

‘Dance’ is one word that can set anybody’s feet pulsating and swaying to its rhythm. Everybody likes to dance in their own way.

While some extra-ordinary dancers love to flaunt it publicly, the others like to whirl privately around. We dance when we are happy, in a mood to celebrate or let’s say we are also dancing every day with the various rhythms in our life, sometimes on high notes or sometimes low.

Since dancing has been an integral part of human culture, there is certainly a day to mark its presence too. World Dance Day, which is celebrated every year on 29th April to revel in the universality of this art form. [..]

Contemporary Slavery

“Although the wretched destiny separated her with her family but yet she departed to a better world. A world, where no more hands would throttle her to death.”

This line indeed justifies the infamous baby Falak case that startled and revealed the reality of the dirty business of human trafficking that has been rising alarmingly, yet comfortably in India.

Selling of humans or human trafficking as defined by UN, “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. This exploitation includes prostitution, slavery and trade of human organs, labour or service.” [..]

Business is business

On a hot summer afternoon, while we are busy trudging through our mundane tasks, that very moment we get a call from an unknown number. Inspite of being busy, curiosity tolls over though and we pick up the call.

All we hear though, is a call centre agent telling us about the company’s latest plans. Highly exasperated and with a big thud we put down the phone after having sworn at him/her.

Well, our exasperation on that poor caller is not warranted. After all, he is doing whatever he is supposed to do – Business, the foundation on which the economies around the globe thrive.

Practically, everything has become a part and parcel of the business curriculum. Keeping aside the conventional business firms, let us review the recent business trends in India. [..]

Woman, an Epitome of delicateness

She is the one who brought you into this world. She is the one who spent sleepless nights to make us sleep. She is the one who spends hours toiling in some or the other work and asks for nothing in return. At times she can be as hard as a stone and another instant as soft as fur.

She can make you cry and at times she can be as humorous as ever. She is tough but she loves to be genuinely adored. She is hard working. Physically she might be on the weaker side, but mentally her strength of endurance is incomparable. She is brilliant. She is dynamic. She, is a woman. [..]