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Responding on Open Letter to Rape Apologists

This is my response to a touching article titled ‘Open Letter to Rape Apologists’ written by Ms Paloma Sharma on 19th April. The article went viral as thousands Facebook-ing, Tweeting about it etc, and hundreds debating on itself.

The spunky eighteen year old’s fuming emotions echoed well with our own angst and frustration over such inhumane incidents. Superb!!

Particularly reassuring for someone like me who gave up his comfortable and convenient Sydney life for an overpriced, overstuffed garbage bin called Mumbai. Kudos to Ms Paloma Sharma and!

Like Ms Paloma and many millions, I too strongly condone the incident and have some serious emotions, concerns and questions around crime against women. But I won’t detail them here. There is already enough serious discussion happening on this topic. My drop to the ocean won’t really matter! [..]