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India is a cricket crazy country and the game is probably one of the greatest unifiers in this nation with a mind boggling variety of demographic as well as religious diversities. [..]

Mother, Oh Mother!

Just the beginning of May and my mailbox is already getting bombarded by mails from companies that are advising me on how to make my mother feel special on the occasion of Mother’s Day (12th May).. A wonderful gift along with a bouquet or a cake with a wonderful card, would probably be it, I am suggested.. Really??

Mother, for most of us, happens to be our first “friend, philosopher, guide and more”, our first support system, the Angel, whose face we usually see and register first as we open our eyes to start our journey of life. She is the person who bears the maximum pain, be it child birth or compromises that she makes, so that we gain the utmost as we try to live and realize our dreams and hers as well. [..]

Terror, Terrorist, Terrorism

Yesterday was a very eventful day for me; meeting new people, making progress on newer ventures and attending marriage functions. It was during the course of this hectic day that I was egged on by somebody to write something. I was even told that my writing was being missed. This made my mind wander to seek out an apt topic on which I could write. After scanning the entire gambit of topics to write upon, my thoughts zeroed in on the happenings that occurred in January, the first month of the New Year 2013.

The month has seen some reshuffling in the political scene of India and the future, though blurry right now, seems to indicate a direct contest between the scion of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi and the Gujarat BJP strongman Narendra Modi in the coming 2014 general elections.

January 2013 also saw escalation in tensions between India and Pakistan as the two countries were involved in border skirmishes along the LoC, in Jammu & Kashmir. The immediate heightening of tension was the alleged dastardly attack that Pakistani troops carried out inside Indian territory which resulted in the beheading of an Indian soldier and mutilation of another. These acts of “terror” and Pakistan’s unabashed support to “terrorism” held centre stage in the Indian media during the month along with the tragic death of the Brave Heart, the fighter victim of the Delhi rape case. [..]

21st December: The Doomsday??

So, the impending Doomsday is nigh! 21st December 2012 is the deemed date on which the Earth will encounter a cataclysmic event of catastrophic proportions as per the Mayan Calendar. The Mayas, not to be confused with the Indian “Maya memsaabs”, are an indigenous American Indian tribe that has inhabited the Americas from time immemorial.

They are noted for their highly developed language, art & architecture, mathematical skills and scientific astronomical prowess. Their greatest claims to fame have been their pyramidal temples and the famous Mayan Calendar.

Though the Mayan calendar does not explicitly state the “End of the World” on the due date, the readings of the calendar has been interpreted and misinterpreted by many astrologers and students of astrology & sciences over the years and thus we are on the threshold of “Doomsday” as per their findings. [..]

The Great Indian Rape!

Watching news on TV or reading the newspapers has become a very monotonous and horrific experience these days.

More often than not, you get to learn about events by which humans are being exploited both physically as well as mentally.

The “Rape”, I am referring to, is the step by step, systematic exploitation that the “Aam Aadmi” (read the middle class) of the Indian society is being subjected to by the establishment over the years.

The spheres in which the Aam Admi faces exploitation can be actually bifurcated into an acronym STEP which stands for Social, Technological, Economic and Political.

Social- From time immemorial, the social fabric of the Indian society has been ruptured by the evils of casteism, untouchability, intolerance and financial disparities, and in a bid to reduce this after independence, our founding fathers created a system of quotas and reservations.

Though, their thinking might have been right at that point of time (the reservations were strictly time bound and could not continue endlessly), the basic purpose of this has been hijacked by vested interests and petty vote bank politics.

The end result being that the disparities have increased, the reservations continue and the classes bereft of reservations feel exploited today.

Technological- “Bharat” i.e. India which once was the cradle of technological advancements in the world unfortunately ceded that space to others in the world. [..]

I, Me and Myself

Salman Khan, the Bollywood actor in one of his hit films- Ready, laid the emphasis on I, Me and Myself, i.e. one’s own self. I remembered those lines when I watched Leander Paes and Vishnu Vardhan fight it out heroically, though in vain, against the second seeded French pair of Tsonga and Llodra in the Men’s Doubles Tennis at the London Olympics.

Tennis, one of the few sports in which India was expected to do well at the Games became a lost cause, even before the contingent arrived in London for the Olympics.

I, Me and Myself became paramount and the Men’s Tennis Team lay in tatters in the vicious battle of egos of the famed and previously feared “Indian Express” as Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi were popularly known, when they played as a team. [..]

Zindagi – Fight or Flight?

My Uncle who was a sprightly 84 years young, died last week after a trip to England, Wales and Ireland to attend the wedding of my cousin. He was a person who enjoyed his life to the fullest and lived life king size. He spent most of his youth in factories and workshops and was fit as a fiddle till his last days.

He had to undergo all the vagaries that life had to offer and he triumphed through them all through perseverance and fighting against all odds. He led a tough but thoroughly enjoyable life and was a fighter till the very last.

The Israelis, the Chinese and the Japanese are said to be one of the most patriotic of all nationalities. They have fearsome pride and have rebounded back from very difficult times and have braved all odds on a regular basis. They have epitomized the phrase “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going” with their discipline and ability to face adversity. [..]

Love, Sex aur Dhoka

A few days back I was watching a film by the talented director Dibakar Banerjee, a film with a very unusual title Love, Sex aur Dhoka. The film is weaved around these three words with finesse. Thinking about it, these three words have a great connotation in the world that we live today, especially the India of today.

Love, the first of the three words is one of the purest form of emotions that human race has. Love is what a mother has for her child, a child who for her is the most beautiful creature on earth. Love and pride is what the father has, who sees his child growing.

Love is what propels couples into marital bliss. Love is something that binds families, communities, nations and the world in totality Love is something which is all pervasive and Universal. [..]

Udaipur-Kal, Aaj aur Kal?

My grandfather was born in Kolkata, then Calcutta, in the undivided British India and spent most of his early age in the eastern part of the country. So, when he got a lucrative assignment in the state of Mewar in the Rajputana area of Western India, he was not very sure that he would take it.

Rajputana, which was later renamed Rajasthan after Indian independence, was perceived to be an arid drought prone area and the thought of going there was taken with a pinch of salt by my grandpa. He undertook his journey with the intention of just getting a feel of the place and to return home pretty soon.

But when he landed in Udaipur, the capital of Mewar, nearly 70 years back, he was pleasantly surprised as the quaint little city not only had very friendly people and greenery all around (a far cry from the drought prone perception) but was dotted with lakes and was aptly called the Venice of the East. [..]

The Fallacy of our Education System

Article by Arunabh Mitter

I am no educationist and I hardly have the credentials to deliberate on a topic relating to our education system, but a chance meeting with a person yesterday, who was critical of Indians and their “Insipid Entrepreneurial” streak and also the end of a laborious month of school for my son, who has just started his proverbial Rat Race, forced me into unchartered territory, i.e. trying to find at least a reason or two for the present state of affairs of our education system.

In ancient times, India was a powerhouse of scientific and technological developments and along with China and the Mesopotamian civilization was a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

When the west was in the “Dark Ages”, Indians had already conceptualized Atom bombs (Brahmastras), Aeroplanes (Pushpak Vimans), Drones (Sudarshan Chakra) and TV (Doordarshan, example being Sanjay’s live coverage of the battle of Kurukshetra to Dhritarashtra), to name a few. Though these may have been mythological, the crux of the matter is that ancient Indians were much ahead of their times. [..]