4 More Babies of Mahesh Ashram got New Parents

Four infants who were abandoned by their biological parents were accepted cheerfully by new Mummy-Daddy in an adoption program held at Mahesh Ashram. With this, the toll of number of children adopted from Mahesh Ashram, a house that takes care of parentless children, reaches 57.


The adoption took place after 14 days of a similar occasion when 5 children were adopted from the ashram on 8th August.

mahesh-ashramAccording to Devendra Agrawal of Mahesh Ashram, “2 baby girls and 2 boys were taken by four couples from Udaipur and Jaipur areas. All adopted babies are between the age group of 2-9 months”.


Rashmi and Jitendra Chittora adopted 9 month old boy, they named him Karan. Jitendra is a tax consultant and lives in Udaipur sector-13.


Jyotsana and Suchendra Kumar Sen hail from Zawar Mines area. They are married for last 14 years; today they became legal parents of a four month old baby boy Ananya.


Meena and Naren are now lucky parents of 2 and half month old cute Anandita. Naren works at a private company in Jaipur. The couple is married for 10 years.


Krishna and Vishnu took 3 and half month old sweetie, who they named Meghna. Vishnu is employed in a private firm while his wife Krishna runs her own boutique in Jaipur.

According to information provided by parents, all of them have tried and failed in several places before reaching Mahesh Ashram and finally got their angels.


  1. maggi says

    A comment – what is the general attitude of adopting parents in Udaipur / India about telling their child that he/she is adopted? I am not sure of this and wonder if UT would explore articles and advice on this and publish it.

    A way of making the world a better place – Offer good opportunities to those who are already there – a benefit t the child and to the parents. Adoption is a big responsibility and ultimate care should be taken when making the decision. Its for life, remember.

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    • pawan dadhich says

      Attitude is quite positive. Please not that more then 50 couples already adopted childs from Mahesh Ashram. We are not carring about others what they are thinking on our decision. This decision is changing our life. The Child which was abandoned by their biological parents is not unlucky, parents was unlcky who left. We are really very lucky that this abandoned child comes in our life and full-fill all colours of joy and happiness.

      Finally thanks for your Advice ” Adoption is a big responsibility and ultimate care should be taken when making the decision. Its for life, remember”

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